The biogas components

We can provide favourable terms for the acquisition and optional mounting of the following parts and components from different manufacturers
-Thermal insulation for tanks
- Steel and PVC pipes and accessories
- Valves
- Pumps, centrifugalpumps, rotary lobe pumps, displacement type self-priming pumps
- Agitators / mixers
- Solids metering, feeding systems
- Gas storage films (EPDM) and inflatable roofs
- CHP ( gasoline engine and dual fuel ) "block-type" heating and power station
- District heating pipes
- Flares for emergency combustion
- Silage effluent tanks

In addition special components such as
- Seeger seals for fixing gas storage films
- V4A steel joists
- Bull-eyes
- Steelpipefittings
- Over/under pressure relief valves
- Level meter